Drop Everything And Read Day is tomorrow!

Brief Library Tour

Okay, so that’s actually a “boxed” set of Temptations music. It just doesn’t fit anywhere else!

It’s a small holiday, but one I particularly like, especially with such a fine weekend in the offing (and even more so after spending all of today up until about two hours ago working in the garden—your exhausted correspondent is ready to rest!): Drop Everything And Read Day, shortened to DEAR.

Taking place on April 12th each year, DEAR Day pays tribute not only to a love of reading but to children’s author Beverly Cleary. Though aimed at children, hoping to encourage a love of reading by having them…well, DEAR a book, considering the way most adults’ lives are packed with far less rewarding (however necessary) activities, why shouldn’t we adopt it?

Yours truly is a lifelong bookworm, much to the chagrin of her mother (who swears up and down she won’t ever buy me a book again, not even a cookbook, as I “have enough”—is that possible?!). Thus tomorrow I will very happily grab one of the several books I’m presently reading and head out to the deck with Ben and a cup of tea (and perhaps one of these, which are delicious). Barzun’s From Dawn To Decadence seems to be monopolizing most of my free reading time, though I’m only one essay away from finishing Kirk’s The Intemperate Professor and should probably wrap that up—it is very good, I just love Kirk, and have been dragging it out savouring it for as long as possible.

Brief Library Tour

Some of my Albert Payson Terhune books beside an early photo of Ben & Buckley. Any self-respecting collie owner probably has a similar collection!

Really, though, I could grab just about anything, as these photos attest. We are very blessed that in this house we have a whole room downstairs we can dedicate to simply being a library (and dining room, but…). This has actually long been a dream of mine—to have an in-home library, books from floor to ceiling—and I have it! Previously our books resided in my studio, which was just fine, but my studio is smaller here and again—with that weirdly placed room, why not? There are books in every room of the house, really (save the bathrooms)—the living room, my studio, on the bedside tables. (Perhaps I DO have a problem!)

Brief Library Tour

Some books a gal can’t let go—like my Nancy Drew collection!

While to some reading is a waste of time, and books are unforgivable “clutter”, to me, a house is simply not a home in the slightest without books around—books to leaf through, books to get lost in, books to inspire hearts, books to encourage reflection and examination. Really, I feel very uncomfortable in a house without books in it, though I don’t know why; perhaps it’s because in this house, books are very much a part of it, neatly arranged. They’re sort of organic to the way I live, perhaps; regardless, a house without them seems cold and unnerving to me. (Yes, I am a crazy person.)

Brief Library Tour

That copy of Dracula is unusual—though hardcover, it’s still pliable! Made for comfortable reading, really. And for the record, I’ve organized my books by colour since about 2002. 😉

Well, as for yourself, don’t neglect to take some time and just read tomorrow. With luck it will become a daily habit for you!

Brief Library Tour

Another childhood favourite I kept…and a copy of Burke still stuffed with flags near the end. Whoops!

And fear not. Though these photos don’t tell you, like most normal folks I’ve plenty of usefully inexpensive paperbacks (Thomas Jefferson, another bibliophile, famously bought the least expensive books he could find); they just don’t seem to photograph as handsomely as hardcovers! Besides: They weigh less, and when it comes to moving, that’s a real bonus, believe me. 😉

I needed another photo for the post!

“Phantastes” is a marvellously fascinating tale—I highly recommend it. And yes, I treat paperbacks pretty well; they’re still books, after all, and that them valuable things!


2 thoughts on “Drop Everything And Read Day is tomorrow!

  1. Nancy Drew!!! I remember when I first discovered those books. I devoured them that summer – it was heavenly.

    Ah, books. You can never have too many (though my husband swears he will not move mine again). I keep buying them, though, and going to the library. I’ve always felt slightly giddy when I find some incredible books to read – and I LOVE getting lost in fictional worlds.

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