“Maurice Sendak and the ‘awful vulnerability of children'”

Something tells me that many of you are probably fans of Maurice Sendak; City Journal has a very  interesting article about him that you shall enjoy if I am indeed correct about your likes.

2 thoughts on ““Maurice Sendak and the ‘awful vulnerability of children'”

  1. The quote from Maurice himself that very nearly capped off the article almost brought me to tears. It reverberated deeply with me because it reminded me of how I often think my 83 year old grandmother, who outlived all eight of her siblings, her husband and even one of her children must feel when she reflects back on her life.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Me, too. I think that is how my grandfather probably felt when he died nearly a year and a half ago now—he was leaving people and places he loved, but returning to others, too. Grandpa did not cry but he was ready, even though the rest of us really weren’t.

      To learn about Sendak’s childhood really shows how much such things affect our work, no matter what great age we may attain. I’m glad you found the article touching and of interest, and hope it did not leave you feeling too sad!

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