Brief video about Route 66 In Missouri

Munger Moss neon photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images. All rights reserved; pinning to this page is okay.

My plan was to share some vintage aircraft with you today, but yesterday I did a fine job of tearing my back up doing something I oughtn’t have. Therefore, instead I’ll leave you with a video first shared by Ron at Route 66 News—a video about the Mother Road in Missouri. Seeing Ramona Lehman, famed and beloved owner of the Munger Moss, was an especial treat—every time we stay at the Munger Moss, she and I stand there in the lobby gabbing for at least half an hour!

Also, lest I forget (again)—one of my favourites and one of the best, the great Mary Astor, is TCM’s Star Of The Month. That means a month of Mary Astor films every Wednesday night, all March long—what a fine birthday gift, TCM! Okay, video after the cut.


Famous Route 66 continues to thrive, despite economic climate from Ozarks News Journal on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Brief video about Route 66 In Missouri

  1. I can see why people adopt quicker routes or faster ways to travel. We hardly ever get enough days off too drive cross country or adopt a leisurely pace of the good ol’ days. Even in Canada, a cross country holiday remains part of the retirement bucket list. But for anyone interested in history and wanting a leisurely holiday, it sounds like lots of fun.

    • To be honest, I’ve learned that the old state highways and routes like 66 only add a small amount of time to interstate travel—even when we visit our families (both somewhat far-flung from home), we rarely take the interstate, because the difference is as little as half an hour! We’d much rather enjoy the drive—an impossibility on the interstate—than save that half-hour. (We have not been able to take a vacation since 2011.) Also, so far as road trips being retirement only…no way. A three-night ‘road trip’ is better than nothing at all, and you never know what you’ll stumble across!

      Perhaps I’ll write about this in-depth as we near the spring break season.

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