Sister Ford to Gay Parita’s ’48 in Pennsylvania

Old Ford work truck. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved. Pinning to this page is okay.


During our first trip along Rout 66, I photographed the impressive 1948 Ford work truck at Gary’s Turner’s Gay Parita, which stands in all of its restored glory west of Springfield, Missouri. For a work truck, it’s glam and gorgeous, and I can never resist a gleaming (or rusty, but keeping on…) vintage automobile.

You can imagine my pleased surprise to learn about a sister Ford F-100, a Herrington used as a railyard truck  one a year younger than Gary’s, for sale in Pennsylvania on eBay! 

Granted, Gary’s is a much, much nicer example, and a 4×4 (flathead or no) truck is not exactly my style—then again, cleaned up it would probably make a nice farm vehicle or be good for fishing trips for the fellas. Even so, it was neat to see. Based on the auction page, it doesn’t look as if anyone bought the vehicle—rare or no, I have to wonder about the price tag on a vehicle in its condition. Considering the $21,000-ish average for ’49 F-series trucks, that’s probably why it didn’t sell—and I’m guessing those aren’t all project cars like this one included in the average.

Gay Parita! (AND: 100,000 miles). Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved, though pinning to this page is okay.

My baby pulled up at Gay Parita on 66. She’s a well-travelled girl!

What do you think? If the Ford were in better shape, would you buy it? How would you fix her up (other than replacing that windshield), assuming money is no object and it’s just for fun? For my part, she’d be cleaned up, painted in her original yellow-and-black scheme—honestly, it looks great on these old trucks—and as I said, use her as a farm vehicle and for running to the farm market and such…And probably hauling great vintage finds home in. What about you?


3 thoughts on “Sister Ford to Gay Parita’s ’48 in Pennsylvania

  1. I’m in no way car knowledgable but honestly, no way jose would I drop $14,500 on a vehicle I still had to fix up….I’d much rather have that sea foam truck parked directly in front of it. Have you watched that auction show on TV that’s all vintage cars? I’m shocked how cheap some goes for and they’re spit spot. Here’s my latest love. It was parked up the street all last summer, adorable

    • Wow, that is a cute little Anglia! And what a blue. The Doctor would come close to approving! 😉

      And you are so right about this truck—it’s really neat, but for that much some of the work has to be done already and I expect a working engine. It’s just a truck, not a Figoni et Falaschi or something like that.

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