Newly thrifted vintage goodies

New Finds: New Additions to the Carafe Collection

I’ve had good luck at the thrifts in the past couple of weeks and thought it would be fun to share. A classic vintage pencil skirt has made it to my closet, too, but that, being wool, still needs to visit the cleaner’s.

The two vintage carafes above are from a local Goodwill—and cost me only two dollars apiece! Right now they’re in the library, New Finds: Measuring top?adding some sparkle to the bookshelves, but if you ask me, they’ll also be great for overnight guests to keep water in if they’d like, and of course get-togethers.

Both carafes have interesting lids. The tall, golden-and-turquoise carafe actually has measuring marks on the removable lid—perhaps it was meant for cocktails or lemonade? As you can see, there is a measure running up the side as well.

Small, plain golden letters near the bottom edge identify this taller one as a Douglas—does anyone have a possible explanation for the measuring cup?

New Finds: Measure up

The smaller carafe obviously belongs to a long-lost coffee maker or perhaps the sort set on a metal ring above a small candle (my grandparents had one of these, and it was given to me after Grandpa passed). In addition to the pretty design ringing around the glass, the plastic lid itself has a rather swanky starburst! Isn’t that attention to detail New Finds: Glamourous Coffeewonderful? The handle on this is a smidgen loose, so it’ll have to be carefully tightened before use.

This one has no identifying marks whatsoever—though I must confess this sort of thing doesn’t particularly bother me. If I like it, I like it, right? We are not in this for money but to make our home homeier. Most happily, Hubby likes them too, especially the taller carafe with the autumnal design in decidedly un-autumnal colours. He has to live here too, after all. We shall have to keep our eyes open for a tall glass cocktail stirrer for the more statuesque carafe!

Another very girly, squeal-inducing find is this charming clover pin:

New Finds: Good-luck charm

Isn’t it the most charming pin you’ve ever seen? Well, okay. We’ve all seen more beautiful and more delightful (Jessica has oodles)—but I do like it a great deal. Nor will it be consigned to the jewelry box year-round, brought out only on St. Pat’s—it seems to me that being nearly half O’Hara gives me permission to wear it whenever I please. Besides: Who wouldn’t?

Looking at and wearing this clover pin makes me almost inexplicably happy, by which I mean borderline giddy—but no one likes a moping Molly, and it seems to me folks prefer a gal who is smiling and cheerful; preferring to be that way myself, I wear this at every Glam white Pyrexopportunity! Best of all, it makes other people smile, too. Definitely a winner!

Finally, another exciting two-dollar (well, in all honesty, $1.99) find: a simple but still somehow glamourous Pyrex bowl. It took me a few minutes and a spin around the thrift’s housewares section away from it to decide it was a worthwhile purchase.

Yes, yes, vintage Pyrex is pretty much always a worthwhile purchase, even if we’ve plenty, as it makes a wonderful gift, too. Still, I want to be prudent about my household purchases, not only for financial reasons (though obviously two bucks is not going to break very many of us), but for space reasons! Those kitchen cabinets can only hold up so much Pyrex (someone needs to do something about that, don’t you think?).

In the end, though, the lure of vintage Pyrex—even patternless—could not be resisted, and she came home with me. Though really very plain, the bowl seems to me to have a sort of Art Deco glamour to her. More importantly, it’s a very high-sided bowl, and that combined with Pyrex sturdiness have made it ideal for use with my handheld mixer! After all of that waffling back and forth in the shop, the bowl was used several times the following week—it spent more time in the dish drainer than the cabinet. So two bucks well spent!

How about you? I hope you’ve found a few lovely bargains lately, too!

New Finds: Deco-esque Pyrex


4 thoughts on “Newly thrifted vintage goodies

  1. Love it all Jen. Good thrifting. I think your Pine branch adorned carafe is ‘bar ware’ and seems most likely for martini’s. hence the jigger/lid. The side is neatly marked for measuring up your vermouth and vodka. I’ve seen glasses in the exact same design. Your’s is especially in good condition, they must not have been martini drinkers. Probably one of those 50’s wedding or shower gifts. Maybe they felt like they should keep and display it even though they didn’t use it. That’d be my guess anyways.

    Your clover pin is simply charming. Something unexpected with a favourite sweater. Fab! I might also display it on a curtain tie back or pillow when I’m not wearing it. These things should be enjoyed don’t you think?

    Your bowl is really pretty, I can already see it spilling over with summer berries on your breakfast table or just holding some nice home scent in the washroom.

    • Gosh, I never thought of using my brooches as tiebacks! That is a really good idea, thank you. I’ve already worn it multiple times because it’s just so cute and I was so excited to find it.

      My suspicion is you are right—that funny lid is really a jigger and the whole thing is a piece of swanky barware. It looks used, but only lightly so. Glad you enjoyed seeing everything!

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