Tea and Felines, coming to a cafe near you (maybe)

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of tea and my furry co-workers, Buckley and Lucy (who enjoys giving my tea cabinet an inventory), and I know many of you are affectionate toward both as well. Thus, when I saw this video about a very distinctive Japanese tea cafe on Roadtrippers, the idea of not sharing seemed very wrong, because we can all use a smile, can’t we? “Cat cafes” of all sorts are apparently quite the thing in Japan—it’s probably only a matter of time before we see them in this hemisphere.


4 thoughts on “Tea and Felines, coming to a cafe near you (maybe)

  1. I first caught wind of this cafe on (I think it was) the cooking channel last year and loved the idea instantly. My cat is exceedingly shy (the shiest cat by a long shot that I’ve ever had), is an indoor kitty, and she’s never had a feline sibling in our house (just cute Miss Annie, the dog), so she doesn’t have any other cat friends. If had something like this here though, perhaps she could make a couple (or, you know, hide in a corner and plead at us with her eyes to go home – 50/50 likelihood of either happening).

    Big hugs & tons of happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    • I am glad your cat does at least have Miss Annie as a friend! Buckley and Lucy get along all right with each other and even Ben; since collies are famously catlike, he may count as well. Perhaps your cat could don some glamourous sunglasses and a little feather boa, and thus emboldened by her altered appearance, make friends as well?

  2. Well that was fun. I’m glad those cats have a good home and so much attention. I’d be broke pretty fast because I’d never want to go home. Looked pricey didn’t it? $28.00 an hour I think I saw. I suppose it’s pretty pricey having and looking after 58 cats too so I wouldn’t especially mind the price.

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