Monday Escape: Oh, the cheek!

Oh, the cheek!

While going through my archives searching for photos to include in last week’s post about ghost signs, this wry neon sign I stumbled across several years ago came up, and it seemed to be just perfect for a Monday Escape despite the obvious disadvantage a five-foot-tall woman suffers when trying to photograph something atop a building. We’re all going to end up six feet under at some point, and the folks at Stevenson Memorials aren’t in any hurry to see us there; they just want our business when we’re, ah, ready.

I really do need to cruise back out to New Philadelphia at night to see if this one is ever aglow. Don’t worry, I’ll bring a small ladder with me so we can enjoy a better view!

Have a great Monday!


2 thoughts on “Monday Escape: Oh, the cheek!

  1. Ahh, now there’s a problem I can relate to (I’m barely 5’2″)! Heels can help a fair bit if you’re trying to see the world for a lofty vantage point, but it would certainly be advantageous at times on the photography front to have a few more inches of height care of the universe.

    Tony too, especially coming from a country (Italy) that, by and large, doesn’t have quite as many tall folks as Canada and the States, often says that it’s just a matter of time until just about everyone ends up being six feet high or taller, especially given all tall many of the current crop of kids out there is.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for lovely comment on the post about Annie’s birthday. She celebrated with some extra dog treats and a Kong full of peanut butter – the latter of which she could happily eat until the point of bursting. 🙂

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