Good advice for lodging owners

Palomino Motel, Tucumcari NM, Route 66 USA. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; pinning to this site is okay.

The tropically-hued Palomino in Tucumcari, New Mexico, right on 66

Back in September, I discussed things I, as a traveller, like to see in lodgings during my road trips and road trip planning. The affable Mike of Mike’s Road Trip has a three-point list of his own focusing on how independent motel, hotel, and B&B owners present themselves online. It’s very much worth reading if you own such an establishment or would like to in the future—I could not agree with him more on the importance of this.

Even though very often we road trippers will just stop for the night wherever they’re ready to, in many cases, they’ve done some scouting prior to embarking on their journey; moreover, nowadays many travellers will take a look via their smartphone while on the road. Thus, having a good website will work very much in your favour, and following Mike’s advice will serve you well indeed.

For what it’s worth, I especially like his suggestion of posting a professional video interview with the owner—for folks travelling America’s back roads and old highways, the people are one of the best parts (I adore Bob & Ramona of Missouri’s Munger Moss, and the folks at Cinci’s Bailey House B&B made us feel like family during our stays)! Give potential customers the opportunity to get to know you before they even pull into the drive.


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