Monday Escape: It’s warm somewhere. Right?

Arriving in San Juan

Arriving in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Ben and I just took a very brief trip outside, where the temperature is flirting between 0 and 1 degree (update: Just moments after hitting ‘publish’, the temperature dropped to an actual 3 below) but thanks to the wind chill feels closer to 30 below zero. The back door had frozen shut thanks to the inch or so of rain we received last night, and unfortunately for the birds, the lock on our shed (where our birdseed is stored) is also frozen solid!


Palms against a deliciously blue sky in Puerto Rico.

Weren’t we promised transporters? I’d really like one to take me to the Caribbean or some other warm haven right now, wouldn’t you?

Quite a few friends seem to think that, being born and raised in Michigan, I must adore winter and the bone-chilling cold, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Knowing how to dress for and handle this sort of thing does not mean one likes it. Indeed, I’ve been trying to move South for about fifteen years now—though even they’re not immune to this particular Arctic blast. 

At least in the Midwest we’re accustomed to winter, and therefore prepared for it. It’s doubtful my friends in places like Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana are as well-equipped (unless they’re from the Midwest, in which case they’re just fine).

Beach Bum Table

Picnic table on the beach in St. Lucia.

Well, wherever you happen to be, I hope the power’s on (about 30,000 in Indiana—buried beneath a foot of fresh snow—are without, and the temperatures are falling quite rapidly), the hot cocoa or tea steaming, and you’re smiling. Stay warm…and I’m going to keep dreaming of tropical climes as I glance at the frozen, windy world outside!

4 thoughts on “Monday Escape: It’s warm somewhere. Right?

  1. -13 here and very windy (gusting to 40mph)! The girls still want to go outside, but they sure don’t want to stay very long. The power has flickered some, but so far has stayed on. Back in 1985, about this time, I headed out for a long weekend in Barbados. Sounds pretty good right now, but I doubt I could get a flight out of here. 🙂

    • Glad to hear your power has stayed on! Here, they’re now warning about rolling blackouts if people use too much power tonight. You’d think Midwestern states would have the capacity for this kind of weather, but what do I know?

  2. SO cold here today. They even canceled school for my daughter (though she didn’t complain at all). I hated going outside this morning to get the car out of the garage and warm it up – like you, we have the wind chill which has made it feel like -30. BRRRR.

    • Schools—even at Ohio State!—cancelled for two days straight here. Also, the mail has inexplicably hardly been worth getting all suited up to retrieve the past two days. I should have ordered a few things online when I heard about the cold front last week, just to make trudging out there worthwhile! 😉

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