Wintertime Stroll With Ben

It’s not certain we’ll have a white Christmas, but we have had a white December! Wintertime Stroll

It has also been rather cold for this time of year (usually it’s not so bone-chilling until mid-January), but a fresh coating of snow makes the outdoors tempting indeed.

Wintertime Stroll

Ben, of course, adores the snow—with that big coat of his, it’s almost as if he’s made for it! He even has a specific snow-investigation procedure:

Snow Procedure

After giving the stuff a quick sniff, he’ll shove his nose right down into the snow, up to his eyeballs if there’s enough of it.

Snow Procedure

After sniffing whatever he can beneath the frozen blanket, he tips his nose out of the snow in such a fashion that he sprays himself (and usually yours truly) with snowflakes…and heads to another part of the yard to repeat the process, his face covered in snow.

For Miss Charm & Poise

(This is, truth be told, from two years ago, but it’s a regular sight this time of year!)

Nearing the end of these...

He’s such a goof—Ben doesn’t seem to spend nearly as much time sniffing around the yard in the summer, when I’m sure things are easier to smell! Then again, the warmth probably makes it easy enough to do so without having to put nose to the ground.

Ben’s birthday is December 18, so perhaps that has something to do with his love of the white stuff. He enjoys frolicking in the snow at my side, and he’s wonderful company—even when he is covering me with snow and getting into my sunlight.

Wintertime Stroll

Have a wonderful weekend, and if you’re preparing to travel for Christmas, please do so safely! Also, for my fellow classic film fans, today is not just my dad’s birthday (Happy birthday, Dad!—don’t worry, I’ve already called him), but Irene Dunne’s, too. She’s one of my favourite actresses; Classic Movie Man has a collection of tributes. Enjoy!

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