Monday Escape: Somewhere sunny, please!

Palomino Motel, Route 66, Tucumcari NM. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved, though pinning directly from this page is okay.This peek at Tucumcari, New Mexico’s Palomino Motel ought to do the trick! And yes, that’s our fearless road-warrior-ing vehicle’s nose in the frame. It’s just not right to make your vehicle drive you halfway across the country and not include it (or portions of it) in a few photos. For a better idea of how she looked at this point, however, and a wordless explanation of why you shouldn’t bother washing your car on a road trip, take a look beneath the cut. 

Need a bath?


5 thoughts on “Monday Escape: Somewhere sunny, please!

  1. Jen! I just left you a comment over at Beguiling Hollywood because your mention of Columbus caught my eye but it looks as if we have more things in common than a love of old Hollywood.

    My parents had a horse farm in between New Albany and Gahanna for 14 years. We used to go to High Street when that area was “up and coming” and surrounded by scariness–I bet that makes you laugh! My favorite second hand shop (no, not vintage) was way up, next door to an old theatre that was a strip house! I got the most amazing pieces there ever–a 1930s lace evening gown for $3, a velvet full length evening coat for 4. I had to beg my Mom to go with me though. Folks weren’t wearing vintage in Ohio then. 😉

    My Mom and Sis are now in Ann Arbor, which I love. When in Detroit, I go to Slow’s BBQ. And don’t hold it against me that my most recent cocktail creation is vodka-based…gin sadly gives me a headache…booooo.

    I don’t wear as much vintage as I used to both with age and that I live in France and people stare as if I was covered in feathers when I do. But I still love it!
    Am following you now on Bloglovin’.

    • Hello (again), Heather, thanks for stopping by—we do seem to have a lot in common! I wonder if the horse farm is still there; quite a few remain, and I love seeing the horses graze as I cruise by.

      It is funny, but when I was little I’d occasionally come to Columbus with my dad on one of his business trips. It really has gotten so big since then! The vintage shops tend to be a bit higher-priced now, and I don’t think it’s just inflation, ha. And your family in Michigan—we do have a lot in common! Usually we aren’t there long enough to eat out, though.

      There *are* some good vodka cocktails out there, and if gin is a no-no, what else are you supposed to do? I suppose it’s all right (and besides, we came home with a bottle of Tito’s last month, because occasionally you do need the stuff for something). 😉

      Thank you for the follow, I hope to see you about often! Though why the French should look askance at public feather-wearing is beyond me. They need to lighten up! (Joke, joke…)

      • I remember right after I moved to France–and this was in Paris mind you!–I stepped out in my favorite faux fur leopard coat and people stared as if I was wearing a leopard! When I lived in NYC, that was fine to get that kind of attention but here? No thank you!

        The farm is on Kitzmiller Road and was still there the last time we checked. Such a beautiful property–5 acres of pasture plus 5 acres of wood and fields. As a kid, it was paradise. The barn was built in the 1800s and no nails were used–only pegs. The house was the barn that was there before it but…it was haunted!!!! No kidding.

        • No kidding! Hm, I wonder if articles have been written about the house for Halloween—you know those always pop up! Maybe I’ll have to zip down Kitzmiller and see if the farm is still there. We’d love 5 acres or more I can’t tell you how much!

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