Pen and Paper

Another collection of goodies from my fellow ArtFire artisans today—this one featuring a favourite set of tools: pen, pencil, and paper.

Though our world is becoming more and more technological, I still love the simplicity, reliability, and tangibility not only of these things but what they create. Whether it’s a flash of brilliance scribbled into a bedside notebook at 2AM, a love letter, thoughts jotted into the margin of a favourite book, or a note between friends, there’s something special about handwritten things—even more so in this era, when children are no longer being taught penmanship in school! (Don’t get me started on that.)

Anyone else love old-fashioned pen and paper?

One thought on “Pen and Paper

  1. I like the idea, but not the reality of my thought process and penmanship! 🙂 I still have my Grandfather’s fountain pen tucked away and it feels good in my hand, but even though he had great penmanship … he preferred the typewriter (I have that too)! Mid-Century Architect Avriel Shull started out her career designing and selling stationary, but at the end of WWII everyone was tired of writing letters and it was not a successful endeavor. Good thing for architectural design though! Today … I’m not sure most people have the patience for well thought out ideas expressed on nicely designed stationary delivered via snail mail when they can instantly twit a random thought to the whole world! 🙂

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