The first real snow of the season

Snow-covered basil

Yesterday, we awoke to the sight that makes adults grown and children giddy: A fresh (albeit light) blanket of snow on the ground. An overnight downpour turned into snow, leaving a few inches on the ground. It has snowed a couple of times already this season, but this is the first one to stick, thus in my mind it’s the first snow.

Ben's happy.

A certain collie was as giddy as local schoolchildren probably were (particularly once the latter realized a mere two inches of snow did not mean cancellation of school). Benedict, for reasons you can probably guess at, simply adores winter, and especially snow. He couldn’t wait to get outside and frolic in the stuff!

Our first real snow today

Of course, as I’ve noted several times, it seems the colours have just begun to turn here in central Ohio; thus we have two seasons duking it out for dominance. Though the resolution of said battle is already predetermined, I can’t help but admire fall’s tenacity.


Our first real snow today

The combination of brilliant golden maple leaves, clear sky, and fresh snow was quite alluring. I didn’t do too much to these photos, as you can probably deduce from the shadows; really, I didn’t want to do to much to them, as my intent is to simply capture and share with you what my eyes see.

Our first real snow today

By noon, the snow was mostly gone, and while yesterday and today the temperatures remained in the 20s and 30s, we’re expecting sixty degrees by Saturday. We won’t have scenes like the one below for a little bit longer, but clearly, winter is beginning to grab hold of the region!

Guardian Of The Homestead

4 thoughts on “The first real snow of the season

  1. It looks positivity idyllic thru your camera lens even though we are struggling after almost 6 days straight of snow. A late winter roared in with vengeance. I really like your last photo, I can see each snowflake !

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