Beautiful Barn Find: Candy Apple ’58 Impala

'58 Impala

One finds a lot of interesting things roaming around central Ohio. The combination of Big City surrounded by Farmland is bound to result in things sticking around in various forms of use and disuse. Still, thus far, nothing has been able to top this particular barn find I stumbled across: a gorgeous candy-apple red ’58 Impala just hanging out in a field!

'58 Impala

Chevrolet’s 1958 Impala is one of my very favourite cars—certainly in my top ten. This love affair began early in my life, but was cemented during a little cruise I took up and down Woodward one midsummer evening. Exiting Birmingham, I found myself behind a showroom-gorgeous emerald ’58 convertible, her horizontal fins mesmerizing me enough that I followed the car far beyond my intention just to gape at her. Sunset, classic cars—they go together very well, and it’s a drug this gal finds irresistible.


I found this beauty a little before the magic hour, but she was beautiful anyhow (even with the Continental kit, something I’m not really a fan of, it must be said).

'58 Impala

Isn’t she gorgeous? The thought that went into the design of this car puts today’s to shame (as I so often point out). Chevrolet has recently been trumpeting its new Impala, hailing the car’s storied heritage, but I’m sorry, GM: That car doesn’t belong on the same family tree as this beauty.

'58 Impala

This particular ’58 has been lovingly restored inside and out, and she has clearly been someone’s baby. Of course, this baby is also for sale, though the sticker price of $50,000 seemed a bit much to me and is certainly over budget. I’m not sure they’d consider my also much-loved and well-cared for Monte Carlo as an equal trade! And there’s that Continental kit. Looks like I’ll be hanging onto my Monte for a little while longer—but it was definitely a treat to find this stunning Impala!

 Fully Restored Interior

Thanks to the owner for letting me take pictures of their knockout baby!

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