Monday Escape: Keep your cream puffs, we have Lucy Puff

Tea Puff: Lucy in the tea cabinet

Sure, you could have a cream puff with your tea, but will that cream puff be as cute and packed with personality as Lucy? And will it be so eager to have tea with you that it climbs into the tea cabinet? I think not, my friends, I think not.
(I do wonder what Lu was interested in when she hopped into this cabinet.)

Though our weekend was pleasant, it had some rather high-stress events attached with the good stuff (including a fantastic Breeders’ Cup Classic; holy smoke! as Grandpa would say—I’ve posted it below the cut). As you no doubt know, extreme highs and lows both take a toll on us, so I’m rather exhausted and emotionally beat this Monday; therefore, some cute seemed more in order than anything else, at least for those of us not still overwhelmed with all of the cute little trick-or-treaters from last week.

As you can see, our Lucy (nicknamed “Puff” because…well…mostly it’s that fluffy tail of hers) had to take a hop into the tea cabinet. Happily, my camera was nearby so I could capture the silliness for posterity, because you know they care deeply about such things.

Have a marvellous Monday, don’t forget to check out my preview of TCM’s Vivien Leigh centennial celebration, and enjoy the races after the break!

First, the Classic. I had a few oddball picks this year, but was most invested in Mucho Macho Man, being ridden by 50 year-old jockey Gary Stevens who retired at the top of the game years ago, worked as a racing commentator, and then, last winter, decided to un-retire from the jockey game. In less than a year, the man won the biggest race ($5,000,000) in the United States, horse racing’s equivalent of the World Series or Super Bowl. What a fantastic story—and, I must say, a true thriller of a race, perhaps the most exciting Classic since Zenyatta-Blame.

Also, Mucho Macho Man—trained by a woman who’s had a heart transplant—beat the much-vaunted Game On Dude…who finished 9th.

I’ll confess to loudly cheering Mucho on down that stretch, enough to scare the felines from the room (Ben just joined in with Chewbacca collie noises)—and take a look at how very close the finish was:

Mucho Macho Man wins the Classic by a nose!

Ahh, all those poor folks who wasted their money on Game On Dude. (For the record, I don’t gamble, just enjoy watching.)

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “Monday Escape: Keep your cream puffs, we have Lucy Puff

  1. What a sweetly darling cat dear Puff is! We always give our pets oodles of cute nicknames, too. Our cat, Stella’s, most commonly used nicknames are “Miss Kitteh” and “meowers”, but she’s probably had fifteen or more at some point over the nearly five years we’ve had the great pleasure of having her in our family. The darling dog, Annie, is not immune to this either, and her nickname (to the point where she’ll come, as though you said “Annie”, if you say it to her) is “Puppers”. Tony and I have multiple nicknames for each other as well, so it really was just a natural extension of that, I think, that we’d do the same for our beloved critters.

    Big hugs to you and Puff,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your terrific comment on my Vintage Calgary finds post today. I really appreciate the time and thought that you put into it. So very true, the days of easily finding 1940s-early 60s piece en mass, for a bargain (or at all, in some cases) are dwindling and vanishing all to rapidly in most corners of the world. I know some ladies in parts of the Midwest US and Europe who still seem to be able to do so, at least sometimes, but for many of us, the halcyon days of finding vintage pieces (in our area) for a song are long behind us now.

    • Jessica, I’ve often considered a post of just my pet’s nicknames. Some of them are, of course, downright ridiculous, but it might amuse readers. Perhaps we can all do a blog party of silly pet names! And you are right, the names multiply as the years go on.

      You are welcome regarding my comment. I think what is really saddest to me about the fewer amounts of true vintage coming to market for the first time is that this also represents the loss of the generation that wore it first. They are fewer and fewer now.

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