Happy Halloween!


You’ll recall my noting in yesterday’s post that the weather has not cooperated with my desire to snap a few photos of the pretty autumnal decor and activities going on here at the house, though I held out high hopes for today. Alas: Peering out the window upon awakening, I saw thick clouds from horizon to horizon! Indeed, the weather is expected to be so ugly and even slightly dangerous that tonight’s trick-or-treating has been postponed ’til another evening throughout central Ohio, much to (I’ve no doubt) everyone’s disappointment. That said, it is raining cats and dogs out there right now, so it’s all for the best.

Even so, the photo bug was really nagging me, so Ben and I went outside for a few photos despite the darkness and damp. At least it’s balmy! Perhaps I’ll have some additional fun photos from the rescheduled trick-or-treating—as you can imagine, Ben is quite popular with kids and parents alike (though I can’t tell you how hard I’m forced to bite my tongue when someone asks or suggests he’s a Sheltie; great balls of fire!), and he is quite possibly the neighborhood’s most-photographed pooch on All Hallows’ Eve.

At any rate, how about a brief spin ’round the house?

Ready For Trick-or-Treater Inspection

Clearly, Ben is ready for all of those cute little kids to come begging at our door! Yes, I ought to have re-fluffed his coat before the photo, but…ah well. He did have a bath just Tuesday night in preparation for all of the hugs he tends to get. We had an amusing costume idea for him, but the execution is proving a bit difficult, so having a few extra nights to figure it out might end up coming in handy. Otherwise, it’s the tried-and-true bandana ’round the collie ruff, and we call Ben a cowboy. Or a bandit. This depends upon the child making the query and how screwed up I want them to be for all time.

(Oh, I jest.)

For A Devilish Appetite

I’ve meant to repaint this door since we moved in two years ago. Oops!

Haunted Halloween Decor

As you can see, this spooked cat has her own “toys”—a trio of pretty squash from the garden. That said, I am now convinced this is a haunted cat: I couldn’t get a crisp shot of the thing to save my life. I know it’s dark indoors today, but my difficulty shooting it reached the point of ridiculousness!

Not Participating

Speaking of black cats, Lucy here wanted nothing to do with the camera today! Our resident tortie spent her morning being an absolute goofball. Next time, Lu, next time…

Count Buckula

Buckley, on the other hand, was more than happy to pose in front of the fireplace Halloween decorations for me. Good boy!


Does anyone else pick pumpkins in part based on the prettiness of the stem? This one had a delightful curve, and I couldn’t leave it behind.

I do wish I’d more photos of the porch, but the weather was pretty foul. Alas. Usually Hubby gets a few snaps of Ben and I on the porch as we wait for the kids to stop by, so perhaps we’ll do better on that front this weekend.


Still, the colours have finally shown up, and despite the gloom doing its best to dampen them, their beauty is difficult to resist—so much so that I’m collecting them in vintage jars indoors. The skies outside may be grey, but that’s no reason for it to be the same inside!

Sadly, though no adorably costumed children will be knocking at the door in half an hour, I do still need to feed my family and get more work done. Next week, I’ll share a little more of our autumn bounty displayed indoors and out.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!



6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Wow, postpone Halloween? That sounds like major weather. Sorry to hear it’s so crumby for all the Ghouls, who I’m certain would have been bouncing off the walls. Loved all the pet photo’s too. We probably won’t get any tricker treaters but we have candy to eat later 😀 so it’s not a total bust. cheers!

    • Would you believe we actually had several tornadoes in the area last night? Thank God, no one was hurt, just frightened. In the end I’m glad they postponed the trick or treating; it poured cats & dogs and was incredibly windy! Wouldn’t have been fun for the little ones, or those of us doling out the goodies. 😉

      • Wicked weather you have down there. Seems late in the year for tornadoes. Or maybe that’s normal? I’m glad there weren’t any injuries. We get a number of them in Alberta, usually in July or August. We’ve only had one come thru Edmonton, over 25 years ago, but it caused major damage and unfortunately loss of life. Mother Nature can be cruel.

        • It is quite late for twisters around here; the conditions were right, I guess. A few homes were damaged, but that is about it, thank God. Maybe next year a few clever kids will dress as tornadoes just for fun?

  2. Yikes! That’s rough! I’ve never heard of trick-or-treating being postponed because of weather before. I’m sure that didn’t sit well with a lot of townsfolk. But, if one wants to silver lining it (I always try to do so in any situation), it means that you get to extend the Halloweens season even longer, which would be fabulous in my books.

    Very lovely festive images! That trick-or-treat sign is awesome and has the most charming vintage vibe.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Jessica, you are so right! All of my definitely-Halloween goodies were able to stay out for a few more days. Since we ended up having a few tornadoes come through, I think most people are glad the cities postponed trick-or-treating for a couple of nights. Really, it is no fun passing out candy while you are freezing and wet, either, so it worked out for everyone.

      Thank you for your compliments—believe it or not, I picked up that sign at Target about ten years ago. Which, I suppose, makes it halfway to vintage already. Good grief!

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