Monday Escape: Last of the season

One of the last, at any rate:

"Last Snap"—pink snapdragon in autumn. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

“Last Snap”

We’ve had a few hard freezes, frost, and snow already; I photographed this pink snapdragon the day before the hard freeze. It’s rather a shame, isn’t it, that this cottage garden favourite was subjected to something so cruel as a freeze and frost so early in the season, but the so-called experts have been predicting a difficult winter (we shall see—obviously, I don’t put much trust in them).

Snapdragons are absolutely one of my favourite blooms—common, yes, but prolific, a Garden Petfavourite of the bees, and they spread readily without ever daring to dominate the beds. In other words, the perfect little groundcover! I didn’t even plant this salmon-blush beauty; it just popped up beside the deck stair all on its own, accompanied by violets and magenta snaps on the other side of the stair. I look forward to seeing them back next year—We’ve only been in this house a few ticks over two years, but what began life last summer, our first here, as a little winter-sown snapdragon seedling is now a patch of them about two feet by two feet wide!

Well, enough blathering. I shall miss these little dragons now that cold weather is here—but look forward to their return next summer.


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