Quick TCM Debrief (and giraffes)

I know, I know I said I wouldn’t have time to do this, but I can try, yes? Also, it seemed like a good excuse to share with you this giraffe-themed collection of goodies I made.

Not sure what put those long-necked critters into my head, but there they are.

Now, very quickly, Saturday’s prime-time lineup is packed with Tod Browning’s horror films (as befits October). It starts with 1932’s famous Freaks at 8PM, about which many have an opinion (usually negative) despite never having seen the film.

Unlike some stars who even today use and abuse those who are different as objects of derision, Freaksbelieve it or not, actually shows the human—very human—side of these carnival performers. It’s really quite an interesting film, and I hope you can catch it—actually, it’s a fair companion to While The City Sleeps, as the various facets of human character are manifestly displayed. Of course, in Freaks, we are far more likely to be sympathetic to most of the characters, for the tale concerns the betrayal of a midget married by a beautiful trapeze artist—married because of his fortune. She and the carnival strongman plot to murder the bridegroom, but not before the other performers learn of the plot. As I said—very interesting.

Freaks is followed by Lionel Barrymore in Mark of the Vampire ’35 (9:15PM) and the weirdly wonderful Devil Doll ’36 (10:30PM). Creepiness abounds!

Prime-time Sunday will keep you smiling with a run of Doris Day-Rock Hudson romantic comedies (hurrah!), and at 12:45PM Monday afternoon is the charming Heaven Knows, Mr. AllisonI’m always surprised (though I shouldn’t be) at how charmed I am by this story of a young nun (Deborah Kerr) and a Marine (Robert Mitchum) trapped on an island in the South Pacific during the second World War. It’s a true gem of a film, and will, I think, stay with you for a while due to its depth.

That’s all. Hope you enjoyed the giraffe-themed collection, and have a wonderful weekend!

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