Old Chevys and Praying Mantises

Not one, but two fun stories from the magical interwebs today!


First of all, over 500 vintage Chevys, some of them barely driven, were at auctioned off before a crowd of 1,800 people from around the world in Nebraska. The cars belonged to former Army veteran and Chevrolet dealer Ray Lambrecht and his wife, Mildred. After retiring in 1996, Ray tucked his unsold beauties into a few places and there they sat, waiting for decades.

A ’63 Impala with just over eleven miles on the odometer sold for $97,500—well over the $3,254.70 on the car’s original sticker, which was still taped to the car’s window. Chevy parts and memorabilia were for sale as well. I’d have loved to be at the auction just to shoot the cars (hello, AP, you could have sent me!)…and no doubt watching those babies be auctioned off was exciting! A road trip missed—I really need to keep a pet-sitter on retainer so I can jet off at the last minute.

Green Wings of Death
The other cool story is about a praying mantis that disguises itself as an orchid in order to pick up dinner:

The orchid mantis’ story goes back to 1879, when Australian journalist James Hingsley came back from Indonesia with tales of a carnivorous orchid that enveloped butterflies in its petals and consumed them alive. Hingsley hadn’t actually discovered an insect-eating flower. He, like those butterflies, was fooled by the orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus).

As it turns out, the pulchritudinous predators are more successful than the flowers they’re imitating. Just finding the orchid mantises in order to study the creatures proved problematic—the Malaysian natives are, understandably, a little difficult to pick out, even though there is no orchid that closely resembles the insect. Interesting, isn’t it? You really must click through to see the second photo in the story, of a pink mantis—what a marvellous creature!


4 thoughts on “Old Chevys and Praying Mantises

  1. That is so magnificently cool! The ability that some creatures have to camouflage or take on the shapes of their environment never cease to amaze me. I’m not much of a bug person (most kinds have always scared me a bit), but I’d happily let a cute mantis with the ability to turn my favourite colour move in with me, if it wanted to. 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

    • So glad you enjoyed seeing them, Jessica! What gets me is not only are they disguised…they’re disguised so beautifully. One that could change colour…that would be fun. Great accessory, right? An accessory pet. ;P

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