Songs I Can’t Hear Without Thinking Of A Movie, No. 1

Sandita Pickles

It’s going to be another week without a TCM Top Five—though this time, it’s for personal reasons. We have guests visiting this weekend, and frankly, had a bit of craziness last weekend (which is when I usually begin the posts). Also, as I’m sure you know, the harvest is coming in! I spent much of Monday putting things up, including the sandita pickles above. I’m seeing these everywhere now—they’re also known as Mexican Sour Gherkins—which is funny, as I’ve been growing them for nearly a decade! I misgauged my harvest, though—that big jar of pasta sauce in the back being evidence of that. Not that extra pickles are ever a bad thing, right?

Anyhow, I thought I’d institute something else you’ll see now and then: posts dedicated to songs that, whenever I hear them, remind me of a specific movie scene. They’re in no particular order, I’ll just post them when I hear one of the songs, because there are quite a few. Am I the only one who has this problem, though? A song spins on the radio and my brain immediately zaps a memory of a film into my head?

At any rate, the first in the series is probably the…hm. “Most powerful” seems wrong. But I will NEVER be able to hear it again without being reminded of this scene. 

The song? “Ladies’ Night”. The singer? Oh, I’m betting you know by now.

Who could help it? Jon Lovitz had only a few moments of screen time in The Wedding Singer, but what very memorable moments they were. Skeevy memorable, but hey. Clearly it worked VERY well!

How about you? Any songs unfailingly remind you of a movie scene, every time you hear the song?


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