Well, she IS a beautiful old Plymouth

Vintage orange 1940 Plymouth photograph copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; pinning is fine, but otherwise, all rights reserved!

“Clear Sailing”

As evidenced by the collections they’re creating, my fellow ArtFire artisans are, unlike yours truly, clearly ready for autumn to be here. Though I enjoy autumn and all of the activities that traditionally happen this time of year, I also dread its coming, for it heralds the pending arrival of winter, easily my most-hated season (actually, the only season I hate), so I put off acknowledgement of it for as long as possible.

Still, everyone else seems ready for fall; many of the newly-curated collections are devoted to the colours of fall, orange and brown and rust and gold. My photography is featured in several ArtFire artisan-curated collections this week, and two of them feature the screaming orange 1940 Plymouth above! The car is one I ran into several times while living in West Virginia, and not once could I resist capturing a new angle on the handsome old car— and that luscious orange paint certainly did not hurt when it came to getting my attention, and clearly, others find her alluring as well.

One of my photos of Route 66’s Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari made it into a collection, too, and I thought I’d just share the orange-and-blue-themed collections with all of you here—it’s an opportunity for y’all to see the other goodies available at ArtFire in addition to my way of denying autumn’s arrival, because blue & orange is a very summery combination. Happy browsing!

That vintage scarf is calling my name—too bad I’m too fair to wear orange! And the orange loofah soaps…few things wake me up so well in the morning as a citrusy fragrance.

The coral bowl and hand-crocheted rag rug would look terrific in our guestroom. That’s my lily photograph in the top corner—how I miss seeing those from the kitchen window!

It’s too early to be talking autumn yet. I’m just not ready. And throwing melon seeds into the mix is just darned cruel.

Just opening this all-blue collection was soothing—the colour does seem to have magical powers, don’t you think?

Hope you enjoyed looking!


2 thoughts on “Well, she IS a beautiful old Plymouth

  1. When I bought my first home in 1985, it was full of orange and brown and I thought I’d hate it forever since we spend oddles of time and $$ getting rid of it. Yet it looks really great with my favourite colour ‘aqua’, so I guess never say, “never”. HA

    • That is a great point! We’re actually doing our guest room in shades of silvery blue with coral accents, and in many cases coral is awfully close to orange. You just never know!

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