“Overthrown” featured in ShadowDog’s Fabulous Friday Finds



I not only wanted to thank jewelry artist ShadowDog for including the above photo of an abandoned piece of Route 66 in her weekly Fabulous Friday Finds post tonight, but point it out to you as well—she has unearthed some beautiful, desirable goodies of all sorts! Now, I’m loathe to steal her thunder, so I won’t post the photos here—but I can talk about the lovely boho-style earrings in one of my favourite colour schemes, the “Kryptonite” lampwork beads that remind me of Fire King or Jadeite, the stunningly beautiful (ShadowDog said the same thing, but she’s RIGHT) earrings made of heat-treated and oxidized copper, resulting in a green-and-cream-and-ochre-and-blue fireburst, and a set of really fun wire-wrapped snack forks. And those are just my favourite items from her list! Do pop over to check out the post.

While you’re visiting, don’t forget to take a look at the work of ShadowDog herself—Catherine (dog-loving lady—what’s not to love?) has hand-created a wonderful variety of jewelry to choose from. I really like this necklace featuring jasper—a favourite gemstone of mine—particularly for autumn!, and as always, I’m left feeling a bit sad that I can’t wear pierced-ear earrings anymore (hello, Peruvian blue opal beauties).

Thanks, Catherine! You may learn more about Catherine & her pooches here.


2 thoughts on ““Overthrown” featured in ShadowDog’s Fabulous Friday Finds

  1. Saw a URL show up in my studio before shutting down for the night – and what a lovely surprise to find this! What a marvelous post! Thank you so much for sharing the blog here. BTW, I find your photo so compelling since crumbling adobe houses are peppered throughout the Borderlands area. Makes you wonder about the people who used to live in them – hard scrabble life, I’m sure. If only the walls could talk. Thank you again! Peace and joy . . . Catherine

  2. Glad you liked the post! And thanks for telling me what about the photo you found appealing—that always interests me. 🙂 I feel the same way about such places.

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