Monday Escape: Collie versus turkey

Surely NO Monday, however Monday-ish, could stand against the cute factor in this picture I took of Ben on a trip to the Hocking Hills last weekend!

Not So Sure About This

There’s a tiny park sandwiched between the state route we travelled and the highway—a park featuring all sorts of “interpretive images” of Ohio’s native fauna, including a sculpture of a thoroughly goggle-eyed hawk or falcon of some sort, rising over a fairly pathetic aerie. It’s so bizarre I was afraid to take a picture of it, to tell the truth, lest the sight destroy my lens. (I kid you not, it’s. . .disturbing.)

We pulled over to let Ben stretch his legs and calm down, as car trips are not his fondest undertaking; letting him run around not long after beginning a journey seems to reassure him that the torture of motoring about will not last forever. He actually seemed to enjoy this park despite its location—though the sight of this very weird, not-moving turkey clearly surprised him! Poor Ben couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t running away from him, and the same went for the deer sculptures; he seemed a bit unsettled by the very idea of prey that didn’t flee. I could actually see his mind working—”This is NOT right. Not right at all…IT’S A TRAP! I’m going to act very nervous! Mom, it’s a trap!”

Even so, there was no way I’d let a photo op like this slip by me. Though I hadn’t any treats with which to coax him, he did sit down beside the thing. Good boy. This image will go down in the annals of collie-dom as yet another example of their heroic nature, because what Ben really wants is for all of you to think he rounded this bird up so we’d be assured of a fine Thanksgiving dinner.

Have a great Monday!


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