I need to go to here: Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

Barn light. Route 66, Missouri, USA. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved


Yes, Rabbit Hash. Just the name sounds promising, don’t you think? And according to this tipoff blog post from the Roadtrippers gang (oh…that paints an interesting picture, don’t you think? Roadtrippers gang? What’s our signal?), the town lives up to that delightful name: for one thing, their mayor is a lovely border collie gal named Lucy Lu (Ben thinks she’s quite fetching). Rabbit Hash also boasts of a nearly 100 year-old general store where you can buy, among other things, homemade jam and barn dances. Barn dances! Heck, there’s one this weekend! 

And to prove that these are truly folks after my own heart, they have an “Old Timer’s Day”—a celebration of summer, bidding it farewell before the evils of winter hit.

Nearby are state parks, historic homes, nature preserves, and surely beautiful old cemeteries and, yes, distilleries and great vintage-hunting. Also, I must say: Kentucky is just a wonderful state full of wonderful people.

It’s only a couple of hours away via interstate (ewwwwwwww) and about four by state routes and the like…I’ll definitely be filing Rabbit Hash, nestled up to the great Ohio River a bit southwest of Cincinnati, away as a possibility for a quick weekend trip Hubby and I can take together. Also, the town’s “Official Beverage” is Maker’s Happy Derby Day!Mark bourbon, without which, I assure you, your mint juleps may not be quite right.

For more information about Rabbit Hash, it looks like the town’s official website is a good place to start.

Oh, and that unique name (I defy you to find a “Rabbit Hash” in Europe)? According to the Roadtrippers page about the General store,

The town’s name, “Rabbit Hash” is said to have originated during the flood of 1847 when the abundant local rabbit population was driven to higher ground and became a food staple in a special stew called “hash.”

The more you know, my friend. Sounds like Rabbit Hash is a fun place to visit!


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