Monday Escape: Farmland Fairlane


Here’s a closer look at the ’55 Fairlane TownCar we saw during our Lincoln Highway Buy-Way adventure. Cruising along the Lincoln, peering out the window as always, I saw this gorgeous blue-and-white beauty tucked behind a cornfield with a big “for sale” sign in the window, a Buy-Way sale at the house. Of course we turned around! Upon closer inspection, though—as you can see—the old girl was clearly in need of more work than her price belied: the chrome needs some help, the upholstery was torn up, the driver’s window cracked and splitting, and so forth. We were tempted, but not too much. A shame—I love Fairlanes, and would take one over a Bel Air, its main competitor during their production years, just about every time (offer me a ’58 Impala, though, and then there’s a dilemma!).

Ah well. She was still fun to look at, and a pretty shade of blue, too, as you’ve seen in my other photos of her. One of these days (probably many years from now, ha), you’ll see me standing in front of a handsome classic car with my name on the title! For now, though, it’s just pretend.


(Thanks to Hubby for snapping me in front of her!)


2 thoughts on “Monday Escape: Farmland Fairlane

  1. No harm in pretending at all – I often do the same thing when I’m in the presence of vintage cars that I adore as well.

    You look so beautiful – I just love your stunning hairstyle and the classic colour combination of your perpetually pretty summer ensemble.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Oh, thank you very much, Jessica! Though I must say this Fairlane was nothing…a few years ago we ran into a Packard ambulance for sale and I went wild with fantasies of restoring it and turning it into our roadtripping vehicle (complete with sleeping space if we were unable to find a motor court). I’m a car-crazy girl!

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