Happy National Rum Day!

A tiki-loving gal like  yours truly can’t let this slip by. August 16 is National Rum Day, and while I normally let these various “holidays” slip by, this one has too much potential for fun to do that! I’m working on a post about my Lincoln Highway Buy-Way adventure, but my computer crashed and ate the last half of it; therefore, it’ll have to be posted later today (Friday). But ’til then, head on over to Tiki Chris’ place for his suggestions on some tasty rum drinks to celebrate with!

Personally speaking, I have been making and enjoying Canchancharas throughout the spring and summer. A Cuban cocktail “more Cuban than Desi Arnaz”, they have a rather unique ingredient: honey. But I love all things Cuban, so my affection for the drink shouldn’t surprise you.

To help tide you over, here’s Desi with a favourite old romantic song of mine. Enjoy!

Update: Here are a few more drinks from Dr. Cocktail! And he brags about El Dorado, which no liquor store within 50 miles of Columbus seems to carry (or has even heard of). Just rub it in, Doc. *sigh*


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