Monday Escape: Pie!

This’ll be a bit different! You know I adore baking—something I get from my grandmother—and the unseasonal coolness has at least allowed me to do quite a bit of it this summer (though really, I’d rather the three-digit weather come back). How about a big plate of lemon pie cake today?

Fresh From The Oven

Yes, I did say cake pie—that’s what the original recipe calls it. The way it bakes for me, I get a nice layer of lemony goo in between the layers of cake. It’s marvellous!



And just for good measure, below the fold you’ll see beautifully whipped egg whites about to be folded into the lemon mix before the whole party gets popped into the oven.

Light 'n Fluffy

In one of Grandma’s old Pyrex bowls, of course.

Have a great day!


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