More stylish styling

Hello, sailor. Let me lure you to your death with song!

Hello, sailor. Let me lure you to your death with song!

Being a vintage girl of course means wet sets, and wet sets mean pins and clips and such. For the longest time—since I began doing wet sets, in fact—I have, embarrassingly enough, been stashing them all in a zip-top bag. For one thing, this is just plain ugly and dull, and I’m a believer in having beautiful things around simply because they’re beautiful and that even functional things ought to be pleasing to the eye. But it was also noisy with the rattling of the bag and what it held, and I’m rather sensitive to noise; furthermore, it was probably the world’s oldest zip-top bag in continuous use, Embroidered And Functionalstarting to lose its functionality *ahem*. Even so, for some reason, I never thought to simply make myself a new cloth bag for my wet-set tools.

At least not until, when reorganizing the master closet, I found a little cloth, drawstring bag tucked away with my purses, and realized it was just the right one for holding my pins, clips, and comb! Ah, serendipity.

Of course, to leave it plain would have been just plain wrong. I ironed a couple of Sublime Stitching “Under The Sea” patterns onto the bag and embroidered it while on my way to Michigan and back for my sister’s baby shower—without even ripping out the seams of the bag! Yes, I stitched with the bag still in bag form. ‘Tis a good thing I have smallish hands! Also, yes, I’m a crazy person.

For the mermaid’s tail, I used a variegated embroidery floss of varying shades of greenish turquoise that I’ve had in my stash for some time; as you can see, at the very edge of her tail, I simply used white. To my eyes, at least, the effect is rather pretty. Her skin is, yes tinted green—she is a mermaid, after all, a creature of the sea!

In The Details

Cute, isn’t it? And much more ladylike and graceful than a zip-top bag (that was nearing the end of its days anyhow)! It was also nice to work on an embroidery project I could finish so quickly—I’ve had a larger project, a gift for a friend, that I’ve been working on for a distressingly long time. Sometimes rapidly-accomplished tasks like this one are just what we need to re-ignite our work, don’t you think?

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