Just a few goodies from ’round the web


Hood ornament of the 1917 Packard motor home at Afton Station on 66. Yes, she ended up in the right place, don’t you think?

There are a few things on the magical internet so wonderful that I wished to share them with you:

  • Jessica at Chronically Vintage writes about—and shares the delightful photography of—Vancouver street photographer Foncie Pulice. Between 1934 and 1979, Mr. Pulice took countless candid photographs of people going about their lives on the streets of town, and his work is now being gathered and shared with the public on a website dedicated to his delightful snapshot slices of life. Jessica shares quite a few of Pulice’s work, particularly from the 30s and 40s (eras she and I both tend to dress after!), and they’re a real treat I’m sure you’ll enjoy!
  • Retro Ruth at No Pattern Required shares photos of the charming-looking Birch Lodge in my home state’s Upper Peninsula. It’s being restored, too! Dad’s side of the family is from the UP, so I spent much time there growing up—and as I suggested in the comments, if you decide to head up to Birch Lodge, definitely take time out to see Tahquanemon Falls as well. Yes, waterfalls in Michigan. There are all kinds of wonderful things in the Mitten State, and there are plenty for you to do in the area of Birch Lodge, so don’t let its apparent remote location hold you back.
  • I wasn’t able to even get into the 1917 Packard motorhome at Afton Station on 66, but an Oregonian was, and he has pictures of the inside, and they’re up at the Afton Station blog. It looks quite contemporary! Y’all know I’m in the market for a vintage RV of our own, but I’m not sure the Packard is in our budget. 😉 (And if I ever get a Packard, God willing, it’ll be a Caribbean or a Clipper!)
Which way?!

Taillights of the motor coach. Fun, aren’t they?


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