Like butter—no, IN butter.


Mmmmm, real buttery BUTTER! No margarine is allowed in this house. It is a BANNED SUBSTANCE. Butter!

As part of the celebration of the Lincoln Highway’s 100th anniversary this year, as well as to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, Iowa’s State Fair is apparently going to have some tongue-in-cheek fun and make a play on…well…butter.

The world-famous Iowa State Fair Butter Cow will share the spotlight this year with the majestic Lincoln Highway. The sculptures will be on display in the Agriculture Building’s 40 degree cooler throughout the Fair, August 8-18.

This year’s companion sculptures honor an Iowa landmark’s anniversary with a replica of the Lincoln Highway Bridge in Tama and a relief sculpture of Abraham Lincoln.  

As the nation celebrates the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg Address, Iowa’s Lincoln Highway is also reaching a milestone. One of the first transcontinental highways for automobiles in the U.S., the 100-year-old highway stretches from New York to San Francisco.

In Iowa, the Lincoln Highway was built by the collective strength of small towns throughout the highway’s route. Residents promoted the road, raised funds and contributed labor. To celebrate this labor of love’s 100 year anniversary drivers traveled from New York to San Francisco, retracing the winding path.

The Iowa State Fair begins August 8 and runs through the 18th. My great-grandmother and grandmother hail from Iowa, though I’ve never been. And as you all know, I’m a big-time history buff…and adore butter (particularly if it’s Kerrygold). I don’t think I would have any interest in sampling the Abraham Lincoln-shaped butter—and frankly, am a smidgen sad that this butter isn’t being used in, say, buttercream frosting, pie, or on top of juicy steaks—but it’s definitely an interesting use of the stuff! I’d be very interested in the Lincoln Highway bridge butter, too. IMG_3107

And a butter cow. Cute. Click through to see pictures of the State Fair Butter Cow (that there IS such a thing cheers the heck out of me!) and a butter Harry Potter!


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