All Fixed Up!

Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, Virginia. Photo Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

My computer is back! She’s all fixed up, and thank God, it was not the hard drive or worse, the motherboard. Just something inexpensive and the old girl seems to be humming happily along again. You have no idea how happy that “It’ll only cost about $60” call from the Apple store made me. Actually…you can probably relate, can’t you?

That said I’ve a lot of Irish in my blood, and that makes me feisty and a little silly, so here’s the catch—I think there won’t be any blogging for the rest of this week. I was a bit ill over the weekend (glutened for the second time in a month, ugh!), my computer was gone for several days and I’ve much to catch up on email- and work-wise, so…the rest of the week. No blogging. I’ll be back Monday. 😉 To be honest, we almost lost power (it flickered on and off several times) in the storms today so I’m feeling blessed to have electricity! Thousands of folks in central Ohio don’t. Our block had a near miss—a neighbor’s tree was shoved over by the wind and narrowly missed our power lines. Let me tell you how fun it was to look out the back window and see that!

There IS a sad bit—no gardening. Alas! It has rained so much in the past two weeks, walking about in the backyard is akin to walking on a sopping-wet sponge. So no digging ’round in the veggie and pollinator gardens. On the plus side, that means no missing spots with my sunblock application and ending up like this:


Told you I have a lot of Irish in me. British, too.

Be very accurate with your sunblock application, my friends.

am getting a lot of reading done, and that makes me borderline deliriously happy!

By the way, the photograph at the top of this post (it symbolizes rest—get it? Wouldn’t you love to sit there with a book for a while?) was one I took at Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson’s vacation home. The other photos I took at Poplar Forest (not many, as photography is of course not allowed in the house) may be seen here.

Unless something utterly spectacular happens (and one never knows!), see you Monday! Have a wonderful remainder of the week!


One thought on “All Fixed Up!

  1. Whoa….you weren’t kidding about that sunblock! Wow – that must sting! eeps!

    Have a great rest of the week off, everyone deserves a break every now and then!

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