New Route 66 musical premiering in NY this weekend

Rainbow Bridge, Kansas, USA, Route 66. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

The 1923 Rainbow Bridge in Kansas. Apparently, this is a popular place for drag races!

…there’s a Route 66 musical! It’s playing at the Depot Theatre in Westport, New York (last night was opening night):

ROUTE 66 is a new romantic musical comedy about a charmingly neurotic big-city journalist and the cowboy photographer with whom she teams up to tell the captivating and quirky stories of the historic old highway. In the process of discovering the beauty of the small towns of America that follow ROUTE 66, the two of them fall in love – not only with one another, but with the good ol’ U.S.A. In the Depot’s tradition of bringing new musicals that feel as comfortable as your favorite sweater, ROUTE 66 features catchy story-songs and clever down-home lyrics that move to the rhythm of America.

If you’re in the area and able to see the show, I’d love your opinion of it! Written by Jerold Goldstein & William Squier with music by Fred Stark and lyrics by William Squier, ROUTE 66 runs at the Depot through July 14, taking Independence Day off.

You may listen to a few songs from the show here.

(This is actually far from the only musical about the Mother Road—there are plenty, and rightfully so! If you can’t tell from my passion for photographing it, Route 66 is an inspiring ribbon running across the States!)


One thought on “New Route 66 musical premiering in NY this weekend

  1. Hi Jen, I really enjoy your posts. I love the close-ups of the old cars…one of my favorite subjects to shoot as well, but I love the things you capture as you travel down the “back roads” of America! I notice when I click on your subject’s title, I’m directed to your WordPress blog. My blog is also through WordPress, but I wasn’t aware of having the ability to have an email/link to my blog. When I have a new blog, I make an announcement to all of my Linkedin groups, also on my Facebook page, and Twitter. I used to send out a single image/email to a list of art directors etc., but Agency Access(who I used) raided the yearly fee from around $800 to over $900. In the meantime, I’ve learned that an email campaign to 500 or less people(what I would have) is free through MailChimp. I’ve seen samples, and MailChimps quality is fantastic. Also, my blog on WordPress is free. Anyhow, I’m pretty sure I’m going with MailChimp, but after receiving this latest one from you, I thought I’s ask…I just never noticed yours was through WordPress until today(duh!). Anyhow, I thought I’d run this by you and tell you again that I really love your images!


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