TCM Wednesday—or not.

Not today, actually—a few things came up this week and there simply isn’t the time to do so! But while double checking my information for my Pollinator Week posts, I did find this wondrous and enthralling video at The Great Sunflower Project. The photography is just stupendous—and I must say, I’ve never seen a hummingbird fend off a spider before.

can tell you that TCM is airing Errol Flynn’s The Sea Hawk at 6:45AM Saturday—a great one to DVR for later—and Auntie Mame that night at 8; July’s Star of the Month is Paul Henreid, and TCM screens a bunch of his films Tuesday night during prime time. Also, there’s a cute Doris Day comedy, With Six You Get Eggroll, at 8PM Wednesday. See, I’ve not left you completely high and dry. 😉

2 thoughts on “TCM Wednesday—or not.

  1. I adore Doris Day, I miss her. That’s a funny title for a movie, LOL she’s so quirky. I mostly loved the ones with Rock Hudson and her. Pillow Talk was so priceless because we also had a party line at the lake when we first moved there. LOL, wow things have changed.

    • Pillow Talk was funny! I’ve always enjoyed her Rock Hudson pictures as well—they played wonderfully off each other. She did release a new album last year, did you know that? She runs an animal adoption organization of some sort, IIRC.

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