Great feature on the Buy-Way in Midwest Living

Elsie The Cow sign in a Lincoln Highway shop. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images.

Knowing my yen for travel—and understanding my frustration that we’ve not been able to do so since moving to Ohio (Hubby is extremely busy at work, having garnered TWO promotions since starting at his new gig last year)—before he passed away, Grandpa gifted me a subscription to Midwest Living magazine to sort of semi-sate, semi-drive my appetite to hit the road and photograph things.

It was, I must tell you, immediate love, from the moment I opened the first issue that turned up in our newly-installed giant mailbox (because I LOVE my customers, but standing out in the cold, wet, rain, sleet, and hot sun as I wait for the mail-lady is not my idea of productive time use). I save most of them or huge chunks of most of them in various files—travel must-sees, mostly, but recipes too. I’ve let quite a few magazine subscriptions lapse over the past few years, but Midwest Living is one I intend to renew again and again if they keep the great work up.

At any rate, the June issue has a terrific write-up about one of my favourite annual jaunts—the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way! The Eco TireflatorWritten by Kendra Williams with truly fine photos from Nate Luke, the article about the Buy-Way  allows us to vicariously follow Williams on her own treasure-hunt along the 300 miles of garage sales along the Buckeye State’s leg of the Lincoln, beginning in Van Wert and ending with regrets over not buying something at an earlier sale (been there). A historic American highway and treasure-hunting—what’s not to love? Besides, surely you remember my great success along the Buy-Way last year! Best of all, whether you come home with prizes or not (the latter being unlikely, really), you’ll see all sorts of fun things along the way.

Midwest Living also offers a solid two-day suggested itinerary for yard-saling and sight-seeing along the Ohio leg of the Lincoln, though I must say that if you’re in Wooster, my restaurant of choice in that charming little town is absolutely wonderful and gluten-free friendly (no dedicated menu, but talk to your server!) Broken Rocks Cafe—it’s the best place in town for good eats, if you ask me, and we have made the nearly two-hour drive simply to eat there more than once. As someone who takes food seriously, I would not steer you wrong.

For those too far from Ohio, don’t fret; ML also includes a list of similar hundreds-of-miles-long yard sales along some of America’s other highways and corridors (a quick look online yielded pages for Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa). Moreover, the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way fever Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.  ~ Russel Baker // Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reservedis spreading to other states as well, so if the road runs through your state, check your local news outlets or online to see if it’s going on nearby; I expect Nebraska will have quite a few participants this year. At any rate, it’s a fun article to read, and again—the photos are excellent.

If you’d like additional information about this year’s Buy-Way, which runs from August 8-10—yes, I am saving my pennies up for it even now!—visit the Ohio Lincoln Highway Historic Byway ‘s official Buy-Way page.

***Truth: Midwest Living didn’t have to pay me a penny or give me a thing; I just truly like the magazine and eagerly look forward to its arrival! If you live in the midwest or like to travel around here, I happily recommend it. ***


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