Monday Escape

Stair II. Bailey House B&B, Georgetown, Ohio. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved

I took this at the Bailey House B&B in Georgetown, Ohio. Before moving to Columbus, we’d often stay here to visit my husband’s family. The host family (the Purdys) are very nice, breakfast was always good, and the house…! It’s a gem. Historic, too: a young U.S. Grant was friends with the Bailey family, and in fact got into West Point when Doctor Bailey’s son resigned from the academy. Ulysses asked the local Congressman for Bart’s vacant spot, and as we all know, he ended up heading not just to West Point, but greater and grander things.

We’ve not really had an opportunity to stay at the Bailey House for a while, but if you’re in the Cinci area, you really can’t do better for a place to stay. You really will end up feeling right at home (and just for the record, Ben enjoyed his stay as well!)—and the garden is a lovely place to stroll about!

Beautiful Ben

Perhaps for a later post, I’ll give you all a better tour of the Bailey House—but unfortunately I was glutened Saturday night and have been feeling ill ever since. I didn’t want you all left in a lurch of the ugly Mondays, though. 😉 Have a great one! Six PM is really not very far off!


4 thoughts on “Monday Escape

  1. We’ve enjoyed B&B’s and stay in them often. With the internet they’re easier to find. We just had our first bad experience and stayed only one night and checked out. It was nothing like the website and pretty untidy. So we are second guessing the whole thing. It had decent reviews on Trip Advisor but perhaps they write their own.

    • Oh, I’m sorry to hear you had a bad one. :/ Usually we do pretty well, too. I *have* learned to keep an eye on the dates of written reviews, but I do think sometimes they write their own or have friends do so, and it’s hard for the sites to ferret that out. Maybe check, too? And I’ve just learned about As often as we hit the road, I’ve learned you can’t possibly read enough reviews.

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