Monday Escape: Garden Assistant

Usually I  don’t use our quick visual breaks from the horror of Mondays to share little vignettes from my own life, but this is worthy of an exception (I hope):

 Gardening Collie. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

Ben was out helping me do some gardening again today, though he wasn’t very happy when we were surprised by a downpour (which explains why I’ve no photos from today’s work to share!). Said downpour included a few rumbles of thunder as well, and collies are notoriously afraid of thunderstorms. Even so, Ben bravely insisted upon staying with me despite the rain—hey, I was already dirty, so why stop working just because of some falling water?

I didn’t get everything on my morning to-do list checked off, but it’s okay; the porch is now decked out with colourful blooms and seedlings (it will shock no one to learn I’m going with a red, white, and blue porch colour scheme this year), and put the lovely, fire-sale-price plants picked up from the Lowe’s Sad Plant Rack into the pollinator’s garden: a forget-me-not ($1), which is not native but sends bumblebees into paroxysms of joy, and two verbena ($5 apiece, but they’re gallon plants). I found a few viburnum as well, but those can reach 10’x10′, and there’s not enough room in my pollinator garden for that; that said, it was only $3, and I’m trying to think of a front-yard place for it! They all looked so pathetic I doubt people are snapping them up. We’ll see.

That I’m having to buy plants at all frustrates me, but most unfortunately, the soil I used for some of my winter-sowing containers was contaminated with weed seed. I’m keeping an eye on said containers, but…alas! Still, thanks to the Lowe’s Sad Plant Rack and plain old bullheadedness, I think the pollinator’s garden will be pretty well filled-in by the end of the year.

Have a great Monday!


One thought on “Monday Escape: Garden Assistant

  1. One year we spent Independence day in Irvington Virginia and I remember so well all the red/white and blue planters and bunting everywhere. Norman Rockwell couldn’t have charmed up a cuter town. I bet it’ll look smashing, do share some photo’s when things take off!

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