It’s almost here!

One of the very few television shows of recent years (hm…more like the past ten…) I’ve really enjoyed and even loved is “Arrested Development”. I’ll never forget answering the phone as Tobias (dressed as a giant mole) did battle with George Michael (in a spaceman jetpack) in front of Japanese investors. “I’m very particular about construction codes!”, shouted Tobias, as he crunched the model “model homes”. Answering the phone as this unfolded before my eyes, I began laughing so hard I actually cried and could not get a single sensible word out. Thank God it was my future husband on the phone and not someone with a job offer! (That incident also convinced him to watch the show—the episode in question is here.)

Like many fans of the cult program, I will let loose helpless giggles upon hearing “Final Countdown” or “Christmastime Is Here”, seeing cutoffs, or the appearance of “an illusionist”; the reminder to “leave a note” often comes up around here along with “I’ve made a huge mistake”. The show’s cancellation was a big disappointment to those who loved the hyper-dysfunctional Bluths…though there was off-and-on talk of a movie just to drive us crazy. The show’s running gags and favourite lines stayed with us all over the years, and being an “Arrested Development” fan is either entry into a club or a sign of your goofiness. No matter. I love the show.

Happily, Netflix of all places put the series back into production, and lovers of frozen bananas everywhere can join the Bluth family in progress when all of Season 4 is released on Netflix May 26! It’s so soon! And a trailer was at last released to whet our Bluth-starved appetites.

I can’t wait!

Oh, just remember…chickens don’t clap. And there’s always money in the banana stand.

May 26 is going to be OFF the HOOK! How about you? Any favourite “Arrested Development” scenes?


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