Monday Escape: Fuzzy Time!


Bumblebees like this one are among the very first pollinators out and about in the spring; a few have already ‘buzzed’ me when I’ve been out and about in the yard this year. They have a long working season ahead of them!

By the way, it takes quite a bit of provocation to get a bumblebee to sting you; they are pretty docile bees, much more so than honeybees. There’s relatively little reason to fear these friendly, fuzzy garden critters, so enjoy watching them work.


One thought on “Monday Escape: Fuzzy Time!

  1. I’ve never been afraid but have been stung. I parked in the driveway, leaned slightly forward to shut off the ignition and bam….stung. Apparently I had been leaning on the poor thing all the way home. 😦 My dad would carry them out of his shop on his finger when they’d get stuck in the window. I wish I had taken photo’s.

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