Monday Escape: Hide your kids, hide your wife

Sea Serpent @ Jungle Jim's in Cinci. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

This rather menacing fellow is on the grounds of Cincinnati’s famous and extremely wonderful Jungle Jim’s über-supermarket (the original location in Fairfield). It’s all too easy to spend a couple of hours here (to say nothing of the temptation to spend a couple of hundred bucks on foods and treats from every corner of the earth as well as local farmers and bakeries); the cheese selection alone is pretty much out of this world; Jungle Jim’s must have about 1,200 different kinds of cheese from all over the planet—and that is not an attempt at hyperbole, it’s my honest guess. You can also choose from about a hundred different kinds of honey, in addition to supermarket basics like milk, eggs, and OJ.

This place is DANGEROUS. But great fun, and we try to stop in for some goodies when we are in Cinci.

In addition to the sea serpent, Jungle Jim’s features talking giant Campbell’s soup cans, Elvis (a lion), the craziest bathrooms I’ve seen anywhere, elephants having a pool party out front, giraffes welcoming you to the market, a singing Italian chef (mechanical, though a live one wouldn’t surprise me a bit), and if I recall correctly, there’s an enormous cephalopod that must be cousin to the one that took down the Nautilus.

And, of course, the slightly hungry-looking sea serpent, undulating through the parking lot.

If you’re in Cinci, do yourself a favour and visit! Just don’t blame me if you blow a your allowance, okay? Have a great Monday. 🙂


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