Monday Escape: So, there was a bit of an accident…

…leaving me wishing I were built more like one of these critters:

I shall call him "Squishy", and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy! Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

“I shall call him “Squishy”, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy!”

Saturday afternoon I took a slight spill that shoved my spine, shoulders, collarbone, and neck up into the base of my skull. Let me say: fun times!  Unfortunately, I’m in a bit of pain and as a result (and as you can probably imagine), sitting is rather uncomfortable. Even holding a book up as I lie down is painful (darnit!), so there’s a lot of wishing for a way to project books onto the ceiling and yearning for copious amounts of dark chocolate and maybe some wine, too. Yes. Definitely red wine. Preferably from the Rhone Valley.

No worries, my doctor is preparing for me to Quasimodo my way into his office, but I’m not sure what I’ll hear and frankly, I’m not big on painkillers of any sort. Were I built like a jellyfish like one of these little guys I photographed at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, I’d probably be just fine! Darnit. Though I suppose an internal skeletal structure does have advantages….

At any rate, I might not be around for the rest of the week. But my pals and I still have you covered if you want to be entertained ’til I return (which had better be soon, because I’m a complete Type A and HATE not getting anything at all accomplished—believe me, the not working leaves me more frustrated than the pain does). My friend Eartha unfailingly has vintage fabulousness or just plain wackiness she’s stumbled across to share with you. She must live in the best part of Nashville, because…it doesn’t end. You could check out Kelly’s blog; she has all sorts of interesting things going on, is still trapped in the throes of winter (bless her heart…it has been so long this year!) and is so great making things out of paper! One of those dangerous things I have to stay More Squishy. Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.away from, other than making wedding & shower invites for family and friends (which I also did Saturday, but with much less bodily harm. Actually, it kind of CAUSED it, but…).

My fellow history buffs and lovers of Virginia will surely want to pop over to the official blog of Belle Grove Plantation—it’s James Madison’s birthplace and about to open as a B&B! To say nothing of the fact that they’ve got a cookie contest going on. Complete with recipes. Hint,  hint. Fellow roadtrippers will love Retro Roadmap, and I can’t forget No Pattern Required, which is chock-full of MCM and vintage love, food, and craftage. And of course you could check out the archives of my reading blog, where I occasionally share interesting snippets I’ve come across, or check out my new StumbleUpon page—something I’ve adopted thanks to the pending death of Google Reader.

All of these blogs are very definitely safe for work/kids wandering by and I think you, my readership, will enjoy what these folks have to offer. Have a great week…and I hope I’m back soon! And may have to find a supplement that makes me a bit more jelly-like. 😉 *crosses fingers*


2 thoughts on “Monday Escape: So, there was a bit of an accident…

  1. oh gosh hon, I hope you are OK!! Feel better and hope they give you some good meds/chiro/ anything to ease your pain.

    I have to say, while part of me would love to live “back in the day” I’m always glad that I live in a time that has the most advanced medical technology to help us feel better. Can’t imagine trying to work in the fields with a migraine.

    Hang in there doll!

    • You are so right! I’m glad I can run to the chiropractor without much of a wait. Thank you! I’m feeling much better, though no more lying on the floor for my back…I did so the other day and was rewarded with a little spider crawling in my eyelashes! Aieeeeeeek!

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