Monday Escape: Ash Cave in Hocking Hills

Ash Cave in Hocking Hills, Ohio. Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

Yes, this is in Ohio! The Hocking Hills are, thanks to their natural beauty, a very popular tourist destination in the southeastern part of the state. Happily, I first visited during the slow season, so there were few other people here to see the cave; the resulting silence, save for the sound of water slapping onto the sand 90 feet from the cliff’s peak and the song of birds, made stopping here a very humbling experience. How small we are, how insignificant! We have been back to Hocking and Ash Cave, and even when there are dozens of people about, children playing in the water and parents yelling at them to be watchful for poison ivy, it’s awe-inspiring to see.

I took this photo of Ash Cave when we took Ben, who was still too "I thought you understood I don't like car rides!" young to be left with strangers, on a “must bring the collie along” anniversary trip to Hocking. As you can see, he didn’t necessarily enjoy the trip (collies famously hate car rides, no matter how many treats await them—hence the drool towel)—but he did have a great time running around in the woods with us!

Hocking is, again, a fun place to visit; you can do just about anything, from hiking and fishing to antiquing and playing a round of mini-golf. The Hocking Hills tourism website is very helpful. Also, since we were bringing Ben—really, he was just a baby here (we went in early ’08), and we’d only had him for a couple of months at this point—we stayed in a quiet little cabin in the woods. They’re well-kept little cabins, and we had a great stay, so I wanted to tip you off!

Have a great Monday.


One thought on “Monday Escape: Ash Cave in Hocking Hills

  1. How great to be able to take Ben with you on your holiday. A cabin in the woods sounds peaceful and romantic. Buddy never liked car rides much. He’d never just lay down. I was always scared he’d break a leg.

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