Monday Escape

Dug into the archives again for this one—a fawn seemed appropriate, it being the day after Easter and the first day of April.


The fawn was actually one of twins I saw wandering around in a southwestern Pennsylvania cemetery. 


As a gardener and Michigander, I’m fully aware that deer, no matter how graceful, are really just enormous rats that kill about 150 people on the roads every year (they cause about 1.5 million collisions, and if you’ve ever hit a deer or know someone who has, it’s never good, for the human, the deer, or the car), and less importantly, ravage our vegetable and flower gardens.

These babies, however, probably hadn’t quite entered the realm of offenders yet—and they are lovely creatures. No doubt the cemetery was a very safe place for them to be born and live.

Have a great Monday!


2 thoughts on “Monday Escape

  1. Oh dear, if they were alone their mom was probably a fatality on the road. Honestly, we lived in the country for 25 years and while we had a few close calls, we were always able to avoid hitting one. I was always on the lookout, especially at sundown. It’s people who drive like hell down the hi-way with their cell phone in their hand that run into these beautiful creatures. I had a couple of neighbours who were notorious speeders and yep, they were the ones to hit a deer….I felt bad for the animal, but that’s just me. How divine to stumble upon them at such a peaceful place.

    • Actually, she was hiding out in some shrubbery not too far from us! She wasn’t happy to see me so close.

      They’re pretty animals, but I’ve had too much experience with them decimating my gardens and trying to kill family members. They’re really destructive, too…overpopulated. Also…they ARE tasty. You can take a gal out of Michigan, but…

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