Basics of Lens Hoods

A couple of you are aware that my main lens died last year. This has been somewhat excruciating, because I’ve not a lot of use for my telephoto, and my nifty fifty is nice, but it’s really difficult to cram a ’57 Fairlane into that thing.

Since I mostly shoot what we’ll call “very large still lifes”, it made sense for me to hit the market for a new, wider-angle lens. What better impetus than losing the one that has, let’s be honest, served me very well for a long time but just didn’t do everything I needed it to do?


Happily, after saving my pennies for a full year and even selling my piano in order to make up the difference, I found what I needed last week. Of course, that means I now need the appropriate accessories—namely a new hood and filter—because Canon, unlike Nikon, always seems to cheap out on their fans by not including these basics with their lenses. (I love Canon, don’t get me wrong, but wish they’d throw us a bone in this regard.)

Thus, it was good timing when Digital Photography School posted this video from charming (a word I rarely have the opportunity to apply to a living man) Phil Steele about buying lens hoods. It’s perfect, no matter where you are in your own photography endeavours—brief and informative. He also shares a brilliant, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” tip for transporting often-bulky hoods. Enjoy!


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