Monday Escape: Somewhere, it looks like this

Even if only in our minds!


This pair of trees grows beside the small West Virginia church where I so happily enjoyed a simple but delightful al fresco lunch last autumn, as written about here. The above photo of the two beautiful trees has proven to be most popular, though this is my favourite:


The way the sunlight spills down the hill, lighting up not only the grass but the copper-orange fallen leaves against the lawn, soothes me every time I look at the photo.

Overnight, central Ohio received a couple of inches of heavy, wet snow, as I’d predicted a couple of weeks ago would happen to us; it always seems to! On a more humourous note—yes, I was BORN to snowy weather, being a Michigander, but that doesn’t mean I have to LIKE it—you may have heard that a local prosecutor is calling for the death of Punxsutawney Phil. (Does anyone actually believe what the groundhog has to say? Do they really?) So far as that goes, I accidentally ended up in Punxsutawney a couple of years ago…and counted quite a few very dead groundhogs on the road into and out of the city. Perhaps the fathers of Punxsutawney have long ago begun their search for a more accurate forecaster.

Grandpa’s bulbs, which my aunt split between us (we’re the ones who will carry on Grandpa’s gardening bug), put forth their leaves a couple of weeks ago, but the blooms have waited and will likely continue waiting until the time is right, as nature always does. Of course, if the flowers happen to pop on my birthday, I’ll be a bit off-balance—how incredible would that be?—but we’ll see. For now, the green spears, such a contradiction to the snow and grey sky, are a calming reminder that sunny spring days are not far off! And for that we can all be grateful.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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