Monday Escape: Phillips 66 Restoration

The Shadows Climb

This perfectly restored Phillips 66 station stands in Red Oak II, Missouri—a town transported and re-built not too far from the Mother Road. Gary at Gay Parita insisted we stop, and I’m so glad we did; it’s well worth the short detour. One of these days I’ll have to write a post specifically about Red Oak II; I don’t use the word “magical” very often, but it applies to Lowell Davis’ rebuilt boyhood hometown.

As you can see, I arrived near sunset (and, dare I say, before I had Photoshop, which I still don’t use to full advantage, though luckily in this case there were no unpleasant reflections to worry about). It was fitting, though, to walk through the town as the sun was going down; it was almost like being a on a movie set, and the sunset somehow added to the peaceful, timeless mood of the place. Two gentlemen, one of them Red Oak’s pastor, had just finished touching up the paint on this old Phillips 66 station when we arrived, and I’m sure you’ll agree—they did a fine job indeed.

Have a great Monday!


4 thoughts on “Monday Escape: Phillips 66 Restoration

    • Isn’t it a charming station? And yes, that handsome old pickup is the perfect touch. There are quite a few old cars lounging around Red Oak II.

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