Monday Escape: Collie + Snow = Bliss

Because I Promised

Three feet of snow in very short order left even snow-loving Benedict the Brave flummoxed!

It’s hardly a secret that despite my being a Michigan native, winter is NOT my favourite time of year, mostly due to the cold which my health makes the snowy season difficult to handle. This dislike is compounded by absurd L.L. Bean advertisements featuring people frolicking through blizzards with stylishly open coats and scarves loosely thrown about their necks, and never any gloves or mittens, advertisements I’m convinced are attempts at fooling good-natured Southerners into thinking winter is “beautiful” and “fun” and something Northerners and Midwesterners are “lucky to have”. Lies. All lies.

Even so, despite my spending the season semi-entombed in several heavy layers of clothing indoors and out, I happily confess that few manifestations of weather are as pretty as falling snow. This is all the more true after last year’s very mild winter which, despite the lovely temperatures, was dull, drab, and rather ugly with all the rain. We’ve a few inches of snow on the ground here in central Ohio already, and are expecting still more today.

Ben, of course, being a full-coated collie, is not bothered by snow. I daresay winter is his favourite time of year, if dogs may have such a thing. (Also, he was born during a snow.) That said, when the blizzard of 2010 walloped us with three full feet of snow in just one day, even Ben didn’t know what to do with such deep ready-made fun. In an attempt to “help” Ben accustom himself to the snow, Hubby simply lifted our longsuffering dog into his arms and plopped him in the center of the yard. As seen above, Ben was not exactly appreciative of this “assistance”.

Collie trapped in snow! ;) Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

“I shall lick myself out!”

Ben eventually figured out how to get around in snow that just about reached his shoulder: leap through it like a trained orca at Sea World. MOST unfortunately, I have only very poor video (courtesy our neighbor’s until-then-untouched-backyard) of his bounding, but I do have an exciting photographic sequence of Ben doing just that below the fold. 😉 Though I do not consider snowy weather anything remotely near an “escape”, Ben’s joy in the white stuff is infectious—and let’s be honest, collies make everything better (except when you slip on their furry coat in the middle of the night, but that’s a different story).

Happy Monday!

COLLIE ATTACK! (and Olympic hockey chatter)


One thought on “Monday Escape: Collie + Snow = Bliss

  1. That’s so funny about the LL Bean Catalogue, I’ve though the same thing about Gaps Christmas Ad’s. Our weather today is anything but typical for February. It’s a sunny +6 and a melting mess. Oh well, we shall enjoy it until the next cold snap. That was a short, but sweet video too.

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