Last night I released my 1,200th finished photo from my Route 66 photography project—fittingly enough, it is one from the hotel we’ve stayed at more than any other during the journeying back and forth: the Munger Moss Motel.

Munger Moss Motel Neon, Route 66, USA. Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.


It’s a nice round number, 1,200, but there are a few left from my last trip along the Mother Road, and God willing, more to come. My hope is to make it all the way to California within the next two years, thus wrapping up this particular undertaking—though no doubt I’ll hit Route 66 again and again. It’s such a great journey; I don’t think you could exhaust its wonders, joys, and laughs in a lifetime. Not even close.


If you’d like, enjoy this slideshow of all 1,200 Route 66 photographs (above and at the link) from my journeys.



3 thoughts on “1,200!

    • Actually, on our first trip, we saw the pickers in Springfield, MO—couldn’t get turned around in time to say hi, though. Too bad. I’d have fun crawling through some of those places, digging around for fun things for the house and for family who like that sort of thing, too. 😉

      • Oh yah? That’s cool. I watch that show and see them just walk right past something I’d just die for and want to call them up and say “that thing there….please get it for me”..HA…would be a riot (till I crawled thru some spiders in cob webs LOL).

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