Very quick shop (and by default, ArtFire) tour

Birds On A Wire. Row of mailboxes along old Route 66 in New Mexico. Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

Send some art to your mailbox! 😉

I recently received an email from, sadly, a customer having trouble checking out of my shop. Turns out it was PayPal. Just the same, while I’m of course helping them personally, posting a quick little shop tour seemed like a good idea.

First of all, though: If you’re having trouble checking out, first of all, make sure those numbers are punched in correctly! I’ve had moments before when I couldn’t get an online retailer to accept my information, get irritated—only to realize I’ve transposed a number. If that is not the trouble, please make sure your cookies are turned on; otherwise, the shopping cart won’t function! Finally, if PayPal or Amazon still will not let you check out…email me, directly or via the “contact seller” buttons in the store. Nine times out of ten, once you have the invoice I issue via PayPal, things go very smoothly.

No doubt some day online shopping will all be very Star Trek-ian (okay…that was  not flagged as a misspelling…now I’m nervous. Is “Star Trek-ian” an actual word?!) and we’ll press our finger to a pad and *click!* all done. But ’til then, we have to deal with all sorts of things.

I do hope you don’t mind my doing this! Keep in mind, too, that since my shop is on ArtFire, what works in my shop (policies and such aside, of course) is going to work in the shops of the other wonderful independent artisans and designers on ArtFire, too.
CM Capture 1Don’t you love the charming crayon-red scribbles I’ve added to this item page? Yes, I thought so. Very elegant indeed.

As you’ll see, below my class-car saturated banner is the shop menu with your standard options, from the Liberty Images homepage on ArtFire to the collections of other peoples’ work and goods I’ve put together. There’s also a link to my dormant ArtFire blog, used mostly to drive traffic here to Victory Rolls & V8s; one to my unnerving personal biopage; another to a page explaining my shop’s policies and shipping; and one for a gallery of sold work and other things I’m sharing (though I’ve really only just started using this and it needs spiffing up). Pretty simple and easy to navigate, I hope!

To the right of the menu is my seller information box (2). The most important part about this is it a) gives you an opportunity to contact me directly and b) lets you see what my forum icon looks like should you ever ‘see’ me there (the ArtFire fora are pretty open, and there’s even a section just for shoppers). Above my info box is the search function (1); you can simply search Liberty Images or all the goods on ArtFire. Of course, it also allows you to see the number of sales I’ve had thus far and my (presently and happily 5-star) rating from my clients.

#3 is the shopping cart function—both beside the main photo image (which you can switch to see detailed looks at the photograph) and below the image carousel (which I stupidly did not label—my apologies!). It’s pretty simple—it tells you the price and allows you to add the desired quantity to your cart. If you want more than I have, again: just email me. I respond as quickly as possible, though usually not on Sundays.

Also, you do not need an ArtFire account to shop with me there—but if you are still uncomfortable using it, just send an email telling me what you are interested in. Once that’s settled, I can send an invoice and begin packing up your new photo art!

#4 indicates the types of payment I accept at this time: PayPal and Amazon Payments. #5 is new for me, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with it—if you leave a good comment, you’ll earn a small discount (I believe I have it set at 10% off) off your Liberty Images purchase. “Good” is defined as more than “This is awesome”, by the way. Substance is nice. I’ll be honest about it: It is meant to help sellers add fresh and, it is hoped, SEO-friendly content to the item page, which makes search engines happy, and thus by default makes sellers happy too, because everyone likes having traffic driven to their door. There’s nothing underhanded about it; just the way the web works. Again, I’m a little on the fence regarding this feature, but if someone *does* leave a nice substantive comment, I’m very, very happy to thank them with a discount.

#6 allows you to add the photo to your list of favourites (for this function, you must create an ArtFire account); you can share it via Wanelo, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. This part is out of my control, by the way, so if it is broken, you will have to make a report to the Bug Report section in the fora, where you’ll be helped pretty quickly by the team. If you are an ArtFire member, you can make your own collection and add this particular photo to it via the link in this box; finally, you can add my shop to your market, which is simply a way of helping you keep your favourite shops straight.

#7 helps you navigate around my shop via the different categories of photography I have, from classic car photos to my Route 66 shots to garden and animal photos. Finally, just below that (sorry—my browser only lets me shrink the page so much, but if you click on the image in this post, it’ll take you to this exact item page so you can see) is the “Find Me Online” page, from which you can check out my Flickr stream, Twitter, and this blog—though you’ll find many of those same links on my bio page.

Sound good? The Liberty Images homepage is nearly identical to this, other than the fact that you are of course looking at multiple items, not just one. 😉 There is a set of four featured photographs just beneath the banner; I usually try to switch this out every other week.

Finally, waaaaaay at the bottom of the page, you’ll find another “contact seller” button and links to many of the other things already linked to at the top of the page.

I hope this tour of my shop and, by default, ArtFire was helpful. If you’ve any questions or this was not clear, do let me know!


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