Monday Escape: A Collie in the Snow is a Happy Collie

We’ve nearly a foot of snow here in central Ohio—Ben just loves it!

Now this is a real winter! Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

Ben does love collie weather.

How was your Christmas? I hope it was just perfect. Ours was lovely—including the bonus time we had to spend with my family. We left early due to an impending ice storm, and awoke on our intended departure day to find four inches of snow and more falling. Having no real need to head home immediately, and recognizing discretion as the better part of valour when cars were sliding off the road and into each other by the dozen…we decided to remain “stranded” with the family, and are very glad we did so. Mom and I didn’t even wait for the snow to stop falling before heading out to grab a few very cute onesies for the baby-to-be—Mom has been waiting a looooong time for grandbabies to begin arriving, so who can blame her for jumping the gun?

Of course, we arrived home to not just snow to shovel off the drive and walk, but a knocked-over mailbox. It turns out our wonderful mail-lady knocked it over when her truck fishtailed on the ice, and she offered to replace it, but I figure this is an opportunity to create some sort of entertaining post for the mailbox. Perhaps a large Detroit Red Wings logo with which to tease our Ohio neighbors? Fun as that would be, it’s a bit much for me; really, I’m thinking something floral or garden-esque would be more fitting (to say nothing of less antagonizing, however good-natured the ribbing might be).

Do stay safe if you’re heading out to celebrate the passing of 2012 tonight—please don’t drink, then get behind the wheel, and stay alert on the roads and sidewalks. Have a great time celebrating, and I’ll see you again in 2013!



One thought on “Monday Escape: A Collie in the Snow is a Happy Collie

  1. Congratulations, a grandchild will really make every Christmas that much more fun. Christmas thru children’s eyes is just a real gift. Good idea to stay put in that kind of weather. After weeks of extreme cold, our weather turned around a couple of days ago. We’re enjoying -2 C today 28 F. That’s like a heat wave for us. Have a terrific new year Jen! x

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