Work Wednesday


Christmas At Home

No TCM today—we’re still busy with family (things like telling Mom to sit down and not vacuum, making sure everyone has enough homemade marshmallows to eat, keeping the fridge well-stocked with bacon and butter, and keeping safe and cozy inside where the blizzard can’t reach us) and most of all, being very excited over the announcement from my brother-in-law and little sister that they’ve a little one due in July! (Best Christmas present ever, yes? Yes!).

I hope you, too, are still enjoying the holiday cheer and warmth, even if you are back at work. If you’re living in the path of this storm (Can you believe the news organizations are naming these things now? It’s WINTER. We’re SUPPOSED to get snow and ice. The only reason they’re naming winter storms and blizzards is it makes them easier to hype and spikes the ratings; don’t buy into it! Turn it off!), do stay safe and warm. The roads here were most exciting today, and made me glad I grew up in Michigan where I learned to drive in the snow. Discretion is often the better part of valour, though, at least in situations like this; if heading out is unnecessary, just stay in, cozy up with a good book or a craft and a movie, and relax. Heaven knows few of us have time enough for that these days, and really, I can’t think of a better way to keep the Christmas glow going into the new year. I hope you don’t mind my playing hooky this week. 😉 You are at least getting a couple of my photos, though. Take care!

Another Steering Wheel

Packard dash & steering wheel at the fabulous Afton Station on 66


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